Road Boogers vs “Rode Boogers”

No seriously I think I have an obsession with either noses, boogers, or both??? This is the 2nd time I have written about it! However this time I really want to know if any of you can relate to the Road Boogers or is it “Rode Boogers” see this really only occurs when I ride my bike and don’t pretend it doesn’t happen to you! So here you are about to drive home from a race or ride home from a long ride and you look in the rearview mirror and you realize that you look like you might have some sort of drug problem! Well if adrenaline is a drug than I think we do have a problem.

It never fails. I think I look halfway normal with helmet hair and reapplied mascara until I get in my car and realize, I have been talking to people with a white crusty rim around both my nostrils. Why I ask does anyone not tell me?

Precisely how do you get this off! I want to know? Do you carry extra QTips and clean the rim of your nose, do you leave it and wear it as a badge of honor or do you just stare at it all the way home?

This really never occurred to me until this past weekend. I carried on many conversations after racing on Saturday and it was cold and windy. I had the tell tale sign of the white rim all over each of my nostrils and NONE of my trusty teammates bothered to tell me! But then again they had it too and I didn’t bother to tell them! Which led me to the idea…. Are we really just walking around wearing our BOOGERS like badges of honor compensating for our lack of podium-ing at the race?

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  1. Nice one…this post made me laugh out loud. I blame it on cooler weather…it always seems to bring the crusties out.


  2. steroids says:

    Nice! How can I sign up for RSS to your blog? Thanks!

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